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Theatre Roles

See what it takes to put together a Huronia Players production. If any of the roles described below seem interesting to you then why not consider joining Huronia Players. For those looking for a more detailed description of each of the role's responsibilities have a look at the Handbook.

Any of these roles interest you? Why not get involved and become a member of Huronia Players.


behindthescenes actor3Working under the Director, the Actor's responsibility is to project the Director’s vision of the play. Through speech, actions, facial expressions, and motion on stage the personality of the character and the plot of the play are developed. Both veteran and novice actors are welcomed. Check out the current audition notices.


Three actors wearing custom costumesThe Costume Coordinator works with the Director to design colours, styles and movement of the costumes. They supervise the construction of special costumes and help to obtain others. During the run the costume person will maintain the clothing.


Directors at workThe Director has the overall responsibility for the interpretation of the play. Their vision of the character development, emotion, suspense, drama and humour of the play is to be projected through the Actors.

Front of House

Front of house at the old theatreTickets, audience safety, ushering and refreshments are the responsibility of the Front of House manager and personnel. They co-ordinate with the Stage Manager to schedule the audience in and out of the theatre.


Person hanging lightsThe Lighting Designer will create the mood for the various scenes of the plays. Cool blues or warm beige's with special highlights can wash the stage. With a crew they will hang the lights and prepare the cues for the lighting operator.


Producer and director talkingThe Producer is appointed by the Executive Producer and manages the production. They have the responsibility of working to oversee all aspects of the production including the financial planning.


Actor using a toliet plungerAnything that an actor handles on stage is a prop - toilet plungers, wine bottles, glasses, rubber chickens, letters and typewriters. The props person obtains these items and ensures they are ready for the actors each night.


Photo shoot for a play with two actors in Little Lake"Without the audience there ain' t no show". The Publicity Coordinator will oversee, radio, newspaper coverage and ads, posters, programme advertising and publicity gimmicks.

Set Construction

Bathroom being built for a setEarly in the rehearsal schedule the Head Carpenter and a team of builders will setup the walls, windows, floor and ceiling details as required. They will add details during rehearsals until the vision of the director and set designer are met.

Set Design

Finished set with wallpaper and decorationsIn conjunction with the Director, the Set Designer creates the vision and the construction details for the set to be built. They work closely with the construction crew to build, paint and dress the set.


Sound software running on a computerWell placed, high quality sound reinforces the skill of the Actors, while the pre-show and intermission music must enhance the theme of the play. The Sound Designer will pick the music and sound effects for the technicians to play on cue.

Stage Manager

Stage manager talks with a cast memeberThe Stage Manager's list of duties is longer than any other - it is not a job for the novice. The Stage Manager is the first to arrive at every rehearsal and the last to leave. Once the production opens the Stage Manager is responsible for running the show

Hair and Makeup

Making the cast look good under the lights is the job of the hair and makeup team. This involves researching period looks and sometimes creating special effects such as gunshot wounds, scars, or cuts.


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